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  • Art.-Nr. 1662550P
Item No.: 1662450

Cut-off filter clip-ons

  • For reducing glare in the case of increased glare sensitivity.
  • For contrast enhancement.

Product features

  • Contrast enhanced vision and reduction in glare through absorption of the short-wave, energy-rich ultraviolet and blue components of the spectrum.
  • The use of cut-off filters is recommended in particular for conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, albinism, optic atrophy, aphakia.
  • The contrast-enhancing cut-off filter clip-ons are attached to the correction frame and can simply be flipped up where necessary.
  • Glasses made of particularly lightweight cr 39-plastic for a distortion-free image.
  • Optical efficiency: ±0 dpt.
  • Available with 450 nm, 511 nm, 527 nm, 550 nm cut-off, with or without polarisation.
  • The lenses have screw attachment, they are not riveted.
  • An ophthalmologic prescription is required before health
    insurance will meet the costs.
  • Supplied with soft case.
  • Display and Optoform equipement available.
Item No.Cut-offTransmissionFilter categorySuitable for wearing whilst driving
1662450450 nm85% 0 yes
1662450P450 nm, polarised34% 2 yes
1662511511 nm60% 1 no
1662511P511 nm, polarised15% 3 no
1662527527 nm43% 2 no
1662527P527 nm, polarised12% 3 no
1662550550 nm28% 2 no
1662550P550 nm, polarised11% 3 no