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  • Art.-Nr. 29162
Reading aids
Item No.: 2916115


  • Ideal for reading mobile phone and camera displays.
  • Ultra-small, ultra-light, handy, great value for money, discreet and always ready at hand.
  • Can be attached to a mobile phone, digital camera or clipped on to a pocket.

Product features

  • Mini readers with anti-slip pads to ensure they sit securely at the temples.
  • PXM® lightweight lens for a
    distortion-free image with edge-to-edge sharpness.
  • Available in 1.5 dpt and 2.5 dpt.
  • Colours: ice grey and dark red.
  • With case, incl. mobile connector and adhesive Velcro dots for attaching the case to a camera or bike.
  • Display available.

These reading aids are to be used just in case of emergency, as replacement or additional frame for the near. Only for short-term use and not suitable to wear while driving.

Item No.DioptreColour
2916115 1.50 dark red
2916215 1.50 ice grey
2916125 2.50 dark red
2916225 2.50 ice grey