Unspoilt hours in the open countryside thanks to our protective sunglasses with special cut-off filter lenses

wellnessProtect in the summer

wellnessProtect in the summer

Summer does not just give pleasure, the associated strong sunlight can also cause damage. From conjunctivitis to cataracts, the eyes are susceptible to many illnesses in the summer. However, your customers can shield themselves from this harm with our wellnessPROTECT sunglasses.

Enjoy the sun to the fullest

Whether it be a walking or beach holiday – in the summer most people are drawn out into the open air, and in the best case, into the sun too. Unfortunately, fine weather is not just a source of good: Strong solar radiation is very taxing on the eyes and harmful UV rays can even damage the eyes permanently and impair vision. Older, light-sensitive people in particular should protect their eyes so they can enjoy the sun in a relaxed manner. Special lenses and an all-round protective frame are required to filter out the hazardous light components. Our wellnessPROTECT sunglasses with their special cut-off filter lenses are able to guarantee unspoilt hours in the open air.

Effective sun protection for sensitive eyes

One's natural visual power gradually decreases with age, whilst sensitivity to glare increases and high-contrast vision becomes more difficult. Normal sunglasses are then generally no longer adequate. The lenses filter various colour components of the light to varying degrees, but still allow light from the entire visible spectrum to pass through. People with glare sensitivity, eye disease or a visual impairment should therefore turn to sunglasses like wellnessPROTECT, for example, which have so-called cut-off filters.

Advantages of wellnessPROTECT

This innovative eyewear in an attractive, contemporary design is more than just a pair of conventional sunglasses. They also allow glare-free and high-contrast vision. The special lenses with tinted cut-off filters absorb dangerous UV light as well as high-energy visible blue light components and protect the retina from unpleasant solar radiation. A special glare guard at the sides and top edge of the frame further reduces the incidence of light. A lateral ventilation gap also prevents possible misting up of the glasses. With these advantages, wellnessPROTECT are recommended after a cataract operation or for people who need special protection, such as those with retinal diseases like macular degeneration.

Timeless design in many variants

The elegant frame of wellnessPROTECT is available in men's or women's models, to choice. The design of the slender glasses is just as stylish as many conventional sunglasses, but they are many times more useful. Practical clip-ons and the XL variant of wellnessPROTECT are suitable for customers with additional corrective eyewear. They can be worn over normal glasses without problems. Alternatively, individual prescriptions can be requested.

Customised fitting out

There is a suitable version of wellnessPROTECT for every customer since our protective sunglasses can be supplied in six different tone variants. Adapt wellnessPROTECT with our individual spectacles range to the wishes and needs of your customers. Further information can be found in our catalogue "Individual Lens Range from 2015". More about wellnessPROTECT can be found here.

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